Almond Oil for Hair Growth: Benefits and Recipes

Almond oil for hair growth has been used since the time of Ancient Egyptians.

The oil was routinely mixed with castor oil to improve the texture and smell of castor oil. This was then applied on the scalp to promote the growth of hair and to cure baldness. Because the Egyptians were very conscious with their appearance, they also discovered that almond oil provided a silky texture and a bright sheen to their hair. Nowadays, the oil is popularly used as an ingredient in shampoos conditioners. Aside from getting the benefits of the oil in these commercially prepared treatments, the essential oil can be used in itself to rejuvenate the growth and thickness of hair.

Almond Oil For Hair Growth Benefits

Almond oil, like other types of seed oil is rich in fatty acids that have emollient properties. The oil keeps the hair moisturized, keeping the hair strands from becoming dry and brittle and prone to breakage. Because the oil is effective in keeping the hair and scalp moisturized, it promotes healthy growth of new hair. It also removes the accumulation of dead cells on the scalp, leaving the hair to grow uninhibited. In addition, the fatty acids nourish the hair to make them durable and pliable. The oil is also a good source of vitamins and minerals that help strengthen the hair such as potassium, magnesium and Vitamin E.

Another theory that supports the ability of almond oil to promote hair growth is that the oil is rich in protein. It is common knowledge that the hair shaft is largely made up of protein and the oil can adequately supplement this.

Almond Oil For Hair Growth Recipes

The oil is most commonly used as a carrier for massage oils because of its light consistency and sweet fragrance. When using it on the hair, it is commonly added to castor oil. The two oils should be mixed in equal parts. The oil should then be massaged onto the scalp and left on the hair for 15 minutes or so. Then, the hair should be rinsed and washed using a mild shampoo then towel dried.

Other recipes for almond oil involves mixing 4-10 drops of jojoba oil with one ounce of almond oil plus one egg yolk. This should be mixed well then added to warm water. The water should not be too hot to avoid cooking the egg yolk. The hair should then be washed thoroughly and the mixture should be applied to the scalp. The solution can be left on the hair for 15-30 minutes. Shampooing again is optional.

Almond Oil Disclaimer

Although sweet almond oil for hair growth been widely used for generations as a way to promote hair growth, there have not been enough studies conducted to support this belief concretely. The oil when massaged on the hair however, can stimulate blood flow which encourages hair follicles to produce hair. This promotes the growth of healthy hair. Almond oil does however, provide shinier hair and the regular use of the oil can provide a natural deep conditioning without the need to use chemicals.