Black Hair Growth Tips To Grow Beautiful Black Hair

Natural black hair growth is something that everyone would love to have. However, black hair naturally has a dry condition and it requires special care.

This is especially true for African-American women who have a hard time growing their hair to the lengths that they want. Despite these challenges, there are some techniques that can help improve the growth of black hair, and these methods need not be expensive.

Black Hair Growth Tips

Unlike regular kinds of hair, black hair should be pre-washed weekly. A good product for prewashing the hair would be organic virgin coconut oil. The oil from the coconut penetrates the shaft of the hair unlike other oils that just coat the hair. This can be used like a hot oil treatment by massaging directly onto the scalp, covering the hair with a plastic cap for 30 minutes, then rinsed with a gentle shampoo.

Washing should be done with a gentle shampoo. It would be best to keep the washing and rinsing to a minimum since over washing can exacerbate dryness which can lead to breakage. It is also advisable to massage the scalp when washing the hair to promote circulation of blood to the scalp that can help energize the hair follicles.
There are two types of conditioners needed for black hair. One is for protein, and the other is for moisture and sealing. Deep conditioning must be done with both separately. First, the protein treatment is applied. Leave it on until the recommended time has elapsed and rinse the hair. The best way to apply the protein treatment is by using an applicator brush. Spread it on the hair from the roots to the tips.

Then, apply the moisturizing treatment. If the pre-shampoo treatment has been applied, it may not be needed to do deep conditioning and moisture. The moisture treatment should also be applied with an applicator brush and close attention should be paid to the ends.

Fast Black Hair Growth: Daily Maintenance

There are two different types of moisturizers needed by the hair. Water based and oil based. The water based moisturizer penetrates that hair shaft while the oil based one coats the hair and seals the moisture in. For both to work effectively, the water based moisturizer must be applied first, followed by the oil based one. Some water based moisturizer brands are Cantu Shea Butter Grow Strong, Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In, Elasta QP Mango Butter, Profective Anti-Tangle Leave-in, and Organic Root Stimulator Carrot Oil.

It is best to read consumer reviews and editor’s picks when choosing the best black hair growth products. There are also some testimonials that show pictures of how well their black hair turned out after following a certain regimen. Although black hair growth among African Americans is considered to be more difficult than other types of hair, it is not impossible to improve the condition of the hair. Also, some methods such as relaxing or rebonding the hair may be done but these should be looked upon with caution.