Coconut Oil For Hair Growth: Properties and How To Use It

Coconut oil for hair growth is one of nature’s remedies to make hair more beautiful and pliant. The oil is most popularly used in tropical areas such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Having coconut in their diet contributes to the shiny and beautiful hair of the natives in these areas. Today, the benefits of coconut oil for hair growth has certainly been recognized as the oil is popularly being used in many shampoos, treatments and conditioners. The oil has been used for its benefits for the hair for ages because of its components that improves the condition of the hair.

Properties of Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

  • Lauric Acid – One of the reasons for hair fall is the accumulation of bacteria and microbes that cause hair infection. The lauric acid in coconut oil is an effective antimicrobial agent that rids the scalp of unwanted bacteria. Lauric acid is a triglyceride that gives off a monoglyceride called monolaurin that has excellent antimicrobial properties.
  • Capric Acid – This is another triglyceride present in coconut oil that gives of a monoglyceride called monocaprin. This works just as well as monolaurin in preventing bacterial accumulation on the scalp.
  • Emollient – Just like other oils, coconut oil has emollient properties that help lock in moisture in the hair shaft. This keeps the hair and scalp from becoming dry, thus preventing hair breakage and hair fall.

How To Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

The oil can be utilized on the hair in many ways. It can be applied on the hair like a hot oil treatment. First, the hair is prepared by shampooing thoroughly. Then the hair is left to dry for about 5 minutes. After which, the coconut oil is applied on the scalp with the use of the fingertips. The oil should be massaged on the scalp in a circular motion to promote circulation of the blood. The blood is a carrier of oxygen which is life giving to the cells. Because of the oil and the stimulation of the massage, oxygen is delivered more effectively to the hair follicle cells, reviving the cells and promoting the growth of new hair. The hair should then be rinsed and dried.

Aside from using the oil as a hot oil treatment, it can also be utilized as a hair serum which is applied after taking a bath. A little bit of the oil is spread on the palms of the hands then applied to the tips of wet hair. It is important not to put too much of the oil on the hair since this can cause it to look greasy. Applying the oil on the hair shaft is also generally avoided unless used as a styling gel or cream. The oil can help lock in moisture at the tips, preventing split ends and hair fall.

It is said that virgin coconut oil for hair growth is the best type of coconut oil because it is the least refined. This means that its components and nutrients are still intact. It can be bought at local grocery stores and health shops.