How To Stop Facial Hair Growth in Women

Facial hair growth is normal, if not flattering, among men. However, when this occurs among women, this condition could be extremely humiliating and annoying.

Women who are suffering from fast hair growth in areas such as the face, chest, and back are experiencing a condition called hirsutism. Women who have this condition may feel a sense of low self esteem due to their “abnormal” looks.

What Causes Facial Hair Growth Among Women

Hormonal imbalances and some diseases may cause growth of hair among women. One of the most common hormonal imbalances can occur during and after menopause. Medical conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can also contribute to the growth of facial hair. It is important to find out what is causing facial hair growth in order to treat the condition better.

Facial Hair Growth Treatment

There are many treatments that prevent the growth of hair. Some of these can be natural, while others can involve extensive medical care. One of the most advanced ways to get rid of facial hair is by using laser treatments. Sometimes laser treatment can be effective against controlling only certain kinds of hair, such as the white hairs which have less melanin. Laser treatments will have to be repeated every now and then, and these treatments could be expensive. Laser treatment may not prevent the growth of hair for the rest of the lifespan, but it is effective in preventing the hair from growing back too quickly.

For hormonal imbalances, it may be beneficial to try taking a birth control pill. This can regulate hormones that may be the cause of the growth of facial hair. Again, it is important to talk to a medical practitioner about balancing estrogen levels if menopause is happening. There are some drugs, hormone replacement therapy and vitamins for hair growth that could help regulate hair.

Aside from medical treatments, herbal supplements such as the black cohosh and saw palmetto can work effectively in women since it reduces androgen levels, resulting in less facial hair. Calcium-D glucarate supplements can also work to decrease the levels of androgen. Diindolylmethane can be taken from cauliflower and broccoli, bringing a good balance to hormone levels, reducing facial hair.

A more common way of ridding facial hairs is by shaving or plucking. For women, shaving the face is not advised since this could result in faster hair growth. Depending on the location of the hair, a pair of tweezers could temporarily remove the hair. Another good way to remove hair is by waxing. Usually, waxing gives smoother results and the hair that grows back becomes fine and less coarse.

Facial hair growth may also be diminished by products such as hair removal creams and lotions. Although some sources say that these don’t really work on the face since they are intended for other locations such as the head or underarms. As long as the product it safe to use and FDA tested, it may be beneficial to give them a try. Aside from medical treatments, just be sure to also include natural hair growth remedies to fortify the effect.