Best Hair Growth Shampoo – Fast, Faster – Rapid Opinions!

Most information about the best hair growth shampoo is delivered by the product owners and is of cause written in order to promote their hair growth products most effectively.

And since most people use shampoo every day in the shower, it is easy to incorporate a hair growth shampoo if you have problems with falling hair.

Most of the hair growth shampoos in the market are designed to stimulate the follicles, hair and scalp in order to prevent hair loss. They do this by adding extracts from herbs and vitamins identified to promote hair growth such as the vitamin B complex and vitamin E to the shampoo. A combination between the right vitamins and herbs is said to nourish the hair growth rate and inhibit inflammation of the scalp that can cause hair loss.

According to experts in the field, we do not need to wash our hair with shampoo in order to achieve beautiful natural hair growth. This may sound improbable as we all know how greasy hair becomes without the use of shampoo on a regular basis. If you wash your hair too often with various hair growth products, the scalp begins to produce excess fat and oil to compensate for loss of natural substance. A new and growing trend among hairdressers, stylists and ordinary consumers is to drop the shampoo completely. This environmental friendly trend is a result of experts claiming that the hair becomes healthier, finer, shinier and more manageable if you replace the shampoo with a bit of salt and vinegar.

Mixing a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and massaging the saltwater into the scalp may cause a dry scalp which is why it is recommended to apply apple cider vinegar to the scalp afterward. As vinegar contains a mild acid, this cancels the effect of alkaline in the salt mixture and is said to give healthy and shiny hair.

Should you choose to follow the trend and live your life without the use of any hair growth shampoo or regular shampoo, you should expect a transitional period where your hair becomes very greasy.

Shampoo for Fast, Faster & Rapid Hair Growth:

Some products in the market claim to speed up the hair growth while strengthening the health and look of your hair on the same time. Clinical tests have proven this to be true in some cases, but it does not apply to everyone. In general, picking an organic hair growth shampoo with vitamin and herb extracts is considered safe to most people, however some of the ingredients like keratin, may have the exact opposite effect if used excessively.


Many shampoos use SLS as an ingredient which is also used in floor cleaning products, but in shampoo it is used to produce more foam and for its ability to penetrate the skin. FDA warned the shampoo manufacturers about unacceptable levels of dioxin in shampoo products containing SLS due to its ability to react with other chemicals. It is suspected to cause skin and scalp irritation, dandruff, eczema and may also cause cancer, so look for shampoo that is SLS free.

Natural hair growth without any synthetic chemicals is still the safest option. This being said, not all hair growth shampoo is bad for you – quite the opposite. Depending on your particular hair condition, it is always advisable to consult an expert in the field before you pick a product.