Top 9 Tips on How To Increase Hair Growth

Want to know how to increase hair growth? There are several “secrets” out there that can be easily done to the hair, but yet are often overlooked.

These tips when read can sound very simple and even practical, and they are also easy to do.

How To Increase Hair Growth: Secret Tips

  • Tip #1 When washing the hair, be sure to use a natural or organic shampoo. This helps keep the hair’s natural balance without harming it with harsh chemicals that could potentially dry out the scalp.
  • Tip#2 Don’t comb the hair while it is still wet. This practice weakens the hair. The best way to do it is to dry the hair first, and gently remove the tangles with hair oil or in any way that prevents stress or pressure. Instead of drying out the hair using a blow dryer, a cold fan may be used as a substitute.
  • Tip #3 Use a soft brush with bristles that have wide spaces in between them. It is best not to use a fine tooth comb, and be careful never to pull on the hair.
  • Tip #4 To increase hair growth, constantly massage the scalp daily to promote circulation in the scalp. A good flow of blood will help the delivery of oxygen to the hair and scalp, keeping the cells healthy and less prone to breakage and damage.
  • Tip # 5 Never over-style the hair. Because of the advent of hair technology, many women are gaining access to “salon treatments” at home. This could mean blow drying, hair curling, ironing, coloring, and all other hair treatments that make use of chemicals and damaging heat. It is best to stay away from these practices as much as possible to prevent breakage and overall damage to the hair.
  • Tip #6 A good way to promote hair growth is to have regular trimming of the hair every 8 weeks. This rids the hair of unhealthy split ends, and promotes the lengthening of hair.
  • Tip #7 Eat a healthy diet at all times. Vitamins for hair growth should be instilled in the daily diet. Sources are not difficult to find since vitamins and minerals that stimulate hair growth can be found in the usual foods such as green leafy vegetables, meats, legumes, citrus fruits and more.
  • Tip #8 Use essential oils for the hair. This could be a mixture of castor oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil and more. Castor oil has been known as an effective natural remedy for hair loss, and it has been used since the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Coconut oil is also largely responsible for the beautiful and thick locks of many native Asians. Both oils can give wonderful benefits to the hair, and it can make hair thick and lustrous once again.
  • Tip #9 Always condition and moisturize the hair. This is the secret for beautiful and radiant skin, and it works just as well for the hair. Using conditioners after shampooing can trap moisture in, allowing hair to be more pliant. Deep conditioning treatments such as hot oils may also be done once a week.

Still asking how to increase hair growth? These few simple tips can be the start of the quest to long and beautiful hair.