Natural Hair Growth Tips: Grow Your Hair Naturally

Everyone wants a natural hair growth tips that result in beautiful, shiny hair, which both feels and looks healthy without spending a fortune on vitamins and products.

As we move further into the new millennium, health is increasingly becoming the most important focus area for both consumers and producers.

The health of the individual and in some cases also environmental concerns has made many people switch from a synthetic based hair growth shampoo to organic hair growth oil. It is easy to understand why natural hair growth is desired especially women that tend to spend much more on various products compared to men, but also because we want to be healthy.

Even one of the major players, Pantene has chosen to focus more on the major trend right now – health. Our hair is a reflection of our physical and mental state, and it is worth our time to take a closer look at what counts when you want beautiful natural hair growth.

Important Factors:

Our diet is the most significant factor when it comes to a healthy life. Improper or poor diet can be seen on our appearance – both our hair and body. This is often reflected by, the hair becomes thin and our skin becomes dry. To avoid this, you should ensure that you eat large amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables and drink equivalent amounts of water. Vitamin to promote hair growth and improve your health can be found in vegetables and fruits and a good combination between the two can in some cases cause hair re-growth.

Avoid refined sugar as it causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels and gives you the urge to eat unhealthy snacks.

Remember that oils (cold-pressed), grains and nuts contain a mix of essential fats, vitamins, proteins and minerals, all of which are crucial nutritious ingredients that affect hair growth.

Grow Your Hair Naturally, Tips and Tricks:

Hair growth oil, such as castor oil is extracted from the castor bean, and is the main ingredient in many products focusing on longer lashes. Some people use the oil directly on the lashes to increase the length of it without using non organic products.

Organic hair growth shampoo is a product created of the increased awareness towards health and the environment. These organic shampoo products contains different types of oil such as peppermint and jojoba oil, but also extracts from fennel, hops, olive leafs, mistletoe and rosemary.

The extract from the nettle root is said to give natural hair growth due to the high amount of vitamin A and C combined with the many important minerals found in the root. The nettle root extract reduces the production of the DHT hormone that can cause hair loss.

Aloe Vera can help to heal scalp damages and balancing the pH levels and thereby reducing the amount of acids on the scalp caused by sweat. While Aloe Vera has a known healing effect, it also cleanses the follicles to ensure optimal condition for natural hair growth.

Many hair problems are a direct result of toxins that build up in our system. By cleaning these toxins out of your body on a regular basis you avoid a large amount of scalp diseases that can lead to unnatural hair growth. Cleaning can be achieved in many ways, both through oral and enema, but the latter is somewhat taboo although painless.

The most common path to natural hair growth is a combination between a good nutritious diet and exercise. A healthy diet ensures your body gets all the needed vitamins needed for hair growth and the exercise increases the blood circulation all of which puts your body in the best possible position to grow its hair naturally.