Olive Oil for Hair Growth: Benefits and How To Use It

Using olive oil for hair growth may not be as popular as other oils such as coconut oil or castor oil, however it can be surprising to note that this oil can be just as effective in preventing hair loss and promoting growth of new hair.

Olive oil has been known for its health benefits and this is often a part of a Mediterranean diet. It has also been utilized since the age of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians for its many medicinal contributions. However, the oil has not been known for its ability to promote hair growth and is still gaining recognition today. So how exactly can olive oil promote hair growth?

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair Growth

The oil works in a number of ways to promote the growth of new hair and prevent hair loss. Below are some facts why this happens:

  • Anti-bacterial action – One of the causes of hair loss is hair infection caused by bacteria and fungi. The oil contains anti-bacterial properties that effectively wash away these harmful microorganisms, therefore preventing hair infections and consequent hair loss. Another reason for hair fall is the use of chemicals on the hair due to hair treatments such as dyeing or relaxing. These chemicals can weaken the hair roots. When the oil is applied on the scalp, the anti-fungal nature of the oil can help minimize the chemical damage and promote healthy hair.
  • Prevents Dihydrotestosterone or DHT Formation – The hormone DHT actually has a detrimental effect on the scalp. The formation of DHT can decrease the size of the hair follicle cells making the hair that comes out of it either very thin or nonexistent. Regular application of olive oil to the scalp can help prevent formation of DHT, thus preventing hair loss and promoting the healthy growth of hair follicles and hair.
  • Provides Nutrients for Hair Growth – Finally, olive oil is rich in nutrients that promote the growth and strength of existing and growing hairs. It is rich in vitamin E, niacin, Vitamin D and Biotin. When the oil is applied to the scalp, the roots of the hair absorb these beneficial nutrients, making the hair healthier, more durable and thicker.

How To Use Olive Oil for Hair Growth

Applying the oil to the hair is very simple and can be used at home. First, two tablespoons of the oil is mixed with one tablespoon of coconut oil. If coconut oil is not available, olive oil can be used by itself. Extra virgin olive oil for hair growth is the best type to use since this is the least processed type of olive oil. Then, take a small amount of the mixture using the fingertips and apply it on a scalp and hair using a circular, massaging motion. Do not pull the hair while massaging since this could result in hair loss. Continue to massage for about 15 minutes or so to promote circulation. After massage, cover the hair with a shower cap and leave the oil on for a minimum of four hours. After the treatment, wash the hair with a mild shampoo.