Five Natural Ways To Promote Hair Growth

Knowing exactly how to promote hair growth and practicing the tips and advice presented can help improve the current condition of hair.

There are several ways to stimulate hair growth ranging from manual practices, to diet, and even supplements and medication. Whatever the treatment preferred, it is best to combine both synthetic and natural methods to make the most out of hair growth.

5 Ways To Promote Hair Growth

  1. Eating a Healthy Diet – Eating foods rich in hair growth vitamins and minerals can promote the growth of healthy hair. Vitamin B complex can help strengthen the hair follicles, making it less prone to damage. Vitamin C is required to make collagen, which is essential to tissue building. Vitamin E promotes blood circulation, bringing oxygen to the hair and scalp. Minerals such as pantothenic acid, biotin and protein all contribute to the strength and resilience of the hair.
  2. Using Supplements – Oftentimes it is difficult to get an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals through food sources alone. This is where supplements come in. Amino acid supplements can promote production of healthy hair fibers while apple skin supplements are helpful in relieving male pattern baldness. Common vitamins and minerals are also available in pill form, and taking these can aid in faster hair growth.
  3. Constant Massage – One of the best ways to aid circulation in the scalp is by massaging it daily. This can be done upon waking up in the morning, before going to sleep, and even when waiting in line or for a taxi cab. Having proper circulation means oxygen is flowing freely to the hair tissues. Hair is one of the fastest dividing cells in the body, so it takes up a considerable amount of energy. Oxygen can help in this process, keeping hair healthy and strong.
  4. Try Relaxation TechniquesStress is often one of the greatest factors that can cause severe hair loss. The loss of hair is termed as alopecia, and sometimes stress can be the reason for it. In order to stimulate hair growth, the body should be as relaxed as possible. Exercises such as yoga and meditation can not only relax the body and mind, but it can have that great side effect of healthy hair. Even exercises such as running, cycling and walking, no matter how strenuous it may sound, are still effective in promoting hair growth because of the natural health effects exercise can give.
  5. Use Natural Hair Growth Remedies – There are many organic products that surprisingly promote the growth of new hair. Products such as lemon juice, onions, oils, and even potatoes can be applied on the hair to produce various results. Usually these products promote hair growth and stability, making it great home remedies. These components are not administered directly to the hair, but rather they each have their own techniques of administration.

It is not difficult to promote hair growth. It is all a matter of disciplining oneself to live a healthy lifestyle and to take care of the asset that is already there.