Saw Palmetto Hair Loss Treatment: How It Works

Saw palmetto hair loss treatment is a type of herbal remedy that can be used to treat a type of hair loss and baldness called androgenic alopecia.

This condition is also called as male or female pattern baldness. This is characterized by hair loss that is usually greatest at the top of the head or around the temples.

Saw Palmetto Hair Loss Remedy: Where It Comes From

The saw palmetto is actually a dwarf palm plant that is native to North America. It primarily grows along the Atlantic Coast of Florida and Georgia. It has been noted that the active ingredient that is responsible for preventing hair loss can be found in the black-brown berries of the saw palmetto plant.

This plant has been widely used by the Native Americans for its medicinal benefits such as treating urinary conditions in men and breast disorders in women. Later on, it has become an accepted treatment for a disease called benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH, which is one of the most common disorders occurring among men. The plant is popular for treating BPH in areas such as Europe and New Zealand.

Saw Palmetto Hair Loss Cure: How It Works

Although there are no concrete research studies that have been made about this plant and how it works for hair loss, it is believed that the plant can block an enzyme called 5 alpha-reducterase. This enzyme is responsible for converting testosterone into another hormone called dihydrotestosterone or DTH. This hormone is responsible for causing hair loss because it binds itself to the hair follicles, decreasing the amount of nutrients that the hair can extract from the blood. The follicles gradually shrink in size and the hair that grows on them consequently becomes thinner. If no action is taken against DTH, this could cause the hair to disappear completely.

Because saw palmetto inhibits 5 alpha-reductase, there is no enzyme that can convert testosterone to DHT. This leaves the hair safe from this unwanted hormone.
There are other drugs that can inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT, however these synthetic drugs are taken in orally and can produce side effects such as erectile dysfunction and gynecomastia. The good thing about saw palmetto is that it is an herbal treatment which has a similar effect to the drug finasteride, but does not affect the entire organism and therefore has no side effects associated with finasteride and other prescription drugs.

How To Use Saw Palmetto Hair Loss Treatment

Saw palmetto for hair loss can be purchased as an oil extract or as an ointment. When purchased as either, it can be used by directly massaging the oil or ointment onto the scalp. Not only does the herb work its magic, the massaging motion on the scalp also promotes blood circulation that brings life giving oxygen to the hair follicles, promoting rejuvenation of the hair cells. The oil is also easily absorbed by the scalp, making it a very effective treatment.